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Things To Expect From Tattoo Removal

When individuals decide to get a tattoo, the last thing they are thinking about is having it removed sometime in the future. However, for many people that is exactly what occurs. Whether they are trying to erase the name of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend or simply wanting to make themselves appear more professional for a new job, having a tattoo removed can be a somewhat complicated experience that may produce only mixed results.

How a Tattoo is Removed
Depending on how the tattoo is removed, there are certain things to expect from tattoo removal. For example, if a tattoo is removed using lasers swelling, blistering, and bleeding may be some of the side effects. In addition, numerous sessions may be needed to remove the tattoo. But in some cases, the tattoo can only be lightened rather than totally removed, leaving a faint outline of the design. For those with small tattoos, they may choose to have them surgically removed by having the design cut out of the skin. However, this can be very painful and cause extensive scarring, so other options may be more effective.

The Likely Results
If a person decides they must have a tattoo removed, they should be prepared not only for the discomfort involved with the procedure itself, but also for the results after the procedure is finished. No matter what type of procedure is used to remove a tattoo, one of the biggest things to expect from tattoo removal is a degree of skin color variation. If the tattoo was extremely dark, chances are it will not be able to be completely removed. If this is the case, the area where the tattoo was may be significantly darker than the surrounding skin, which can be embarrassing to some people.

Preparing for Tattoo Removal
Above all, one of the most important things to expect from tattoo removal is the fact that a person’s body will be changed to some degree as a result of the removal. Whether it is scarring, skin color variation, or being unable to completely remove the tattoo, anyone considering this procedure should always have very realistic expectations of the outcome. As with any medical procedure, the risk of infection is also a possibility. Before deciding that tattoo removal is the best option, it’s good for people to discuss the procedure with a dermatologist or other health care professional to know exactly what will be involved before, during, and after the removal.

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