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Make your own tattoo

Make your own tattoo

Make your own tattoo

The talented artists seen on the TV shows Ink Master, L.A. Ink and Miami Ink make tattoo designing look easy. Customized tattoos typically have special meaning for the individual receiving the inked art. It is not as difficult to make your own tattoo as you might think. The final result is also infinitely more rewarding.

Become Inspired

If you want to make your own tattoo but are not quite sure about the specific design, there are many resources that you can use for inspiration. Browse through art books, research botanical images and cultural symbols. Check out some tattoo magazines or web-based designs. Trace some rough sketches if desired or print some ideas off at the library or from home.

Rough Draft

You do not have to be a talented artist to create a basic design on a piece of paper with a pencil. Think about the main subject, surrounding patterns and overall colors that you would like to see. Regardless of whether the centerpiece of the display involves an animal, a person or an inanimate object, consider how to frame this area. You might choose floral patterns, greenery, chains, ropes, water or any number of patterns.

Use Your Imagination

If you have a design in mind, close your eyes and think about the location that best fits your creation. Decide if you want a large scale, intricate display or something simple yet unique. Determining location might also include whether you expect the tattoo to be easily visible. Highly visible locations include tattoos on the neck, arms, hands, legs and feet. Less visible areas include the shoulders, lower back or stomach.

Be Sure

While there are tattoo removal methods available using lasers, the technique typically requires multiple treatments and is not without considerable expense. Therefore, consider that whatever you decide to have embedded in your skin is there long-term. Avoid something trendy or current fads. Choose something that you can personally identify with now and in the future.

Find an Artist

Whether you create a masterpiece or a rough draft, an experienced artist can help make your own tattoo a reality. Meet with several licensed artists, get their opinion and listen to their suggestions. When you find an artist who you are sure is of the same mind set, leave them a copy of your initial idea and see what they come up with. Once you are happy with the preliminary paper illustration, get your customized tattoo.


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